Интегрити Одит


Independent Financial Audit

Audit of financial reports and other financial information

  • Audit of financial reports prepared in compliance with the National Accounting Standards (NAS) and the International Accounting Standards (IAS);
  • Audit of consolidated financial reports prepared in compliance with NAS and IAS;
  • Audit of projects funded by the EU Structural Funds, the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, the Norway Financial Mechanism, other government and non-government organizations and grant schemes;
  • Audit of financial reports prepared in compliance with reporting framework of special purpose;
  • Negotiated procedures regarding financial information;
  • Undertaking for review of financial reports;
  • Other undertakings to demonstrate certainty

How we are additionally useful for our clients

  • Efficient planning, individual approach and quality mutual communication with the Management during the entire auditing process;
  • All our auditing assignments are completed with a letter to the management, summarizing the significant findings of the audit and including, when necessary, information about significant defects of the internal control found in the course of the audit.

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